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VIII Workshop on challenges of innovation policy – November 24th 2017

VIII Workshop on challenges of innovation policy
Faculty of Business and Economics; University Rovira i Virgili
Av. Universitat, 1; 43204 – Reus (Spain)

The number of contributions which cope with the innovation issues has increased significantly during the last years. The availability to the access of International databases and their detailed information have facilitated this larger interest. However, the socioeconomic dynamics imply that this phenomenon must widen its focus in order to facilitate the decision of key agents (in particular firms, policy-makers, universities and public agencies).

The workshop has a double aim. On the one hand, morning sessions will cope with new issues about the European innovation policy. On the other hand, in the afternoon we aim to establish technical challenges that researchers face up to when adopting an empirical approach.

With that purpose, the workshop will be driven by two researchers of international prestige:

  • Pierre Mohnen, Professor of UNU-MERIT (Holland) with a wide experience in the fields of innovation and European policies.
  • Harald Oberhofer, Professor of Vienna University (Austria) with a wide experience in the fields of innovation and industrial organization.

The workshop is a collaborative initiative between members from URV and UB under the support from XREAP. The organisation committee is formed by

  • José García-Quevedo, Universitat de Barcelona
  • Mercedes Teruel, Universitat Rovira i Virgili
  • Agustí Segarra-Blasco, Universitat Rovira i Virgili

SIMPOSI XREAP – Desigualtats a l’economia – 25 de novembre de 2016

Simposi 2016 – Xarxa de Referència en Economia Aplicada (XREAP)

Desigualtats a l’economia

Divendres 25 de novembre de 2016
Sala de Recepcions, Facultat d’Economia i Empresa, UB


9:00 – 9:15 – Benvinguda
Elisenda Paluzie (Degana de la Facultat d’Economia i Empresa)
Martí Parellada (Director de XREAP)
Antonio Manresa (Coordinador del Simposi)

Capitalisme global i desigualtat econòmica

Joan Esteban (IAE, CSIC, BGSE)
Moderador:  Antonio Manresa (CREB, XREAP, UB)

Distribució de la renda, crisi econòmica i politiques redistributives
Francisco J. Goerlich  (IVIE, UV)
Moderador:  Samuel Calonge (CREB, XREAP, UB)

Mobilitat social i educació a Espanya
Xavier Martinez Celorrio (UB)
Moderador:  Raul Ramos (AQR-IREA, XREAP, UB)

11:30 – 12:00 – Pausa-cafè

Desigualtat d’oportunitats
Xavier Ramos (UAB)
Moderador:  Fernando Sánchez-Losada (CREB, XREAP, UB)

Indicadors per a mesurar la pobresa multidimensional
Iñaki Permanyer (CED, UAB)
Moderador:  Vicente Royuela (AQR-IREA, XREAP, UB)

13:30 Clausura

Sala de Recepcions, Faculty of Economics and Business, UB
C/ John Maynard Keynes 1, 08034 Barcelona
Metro L3 – Palau Reial